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The ULTIMATE Fetish Brat
Spoiled Princess Vikki
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19th-Mar-2011 12:53 am - OHH YEAHH UPDATES YEAH!




I want to to see more orders like THESE...

That was a boi in binge mode apparently LOL I was giggling as the payment notification emails came pouring in, one after the next. Keep $pending away, and DON'T FORGET.. you bitches can always call Me ;)
I'm still offering 2 free minutes for every 10 minutes spent calling My IGNORE LINE

More purchase orders from Kinkbomb, that I loveddddd to see...

:D :D :D
Currently, I am #14 in the Top Studios, BUT.. I could always be higher, so GO BUY, idiots!

My little bitch boi, shit-heel, sent a $100 moneypak the other day, per My instructions in the new Greendot findom video I just released. I'm pleased to see he followed through so quickly, and obeyed My other mildly humiliating task I also give in the video... maybe I'll add on that I want you losers to record this act at some point as PROOF you really do obey and do this. For now, I am laughing over the mental image alone. My bitch also should be kicking it up in the ass-kissing department, and I want to see another "love" letter soon... I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO READ THIS, LOSER! GET TO IT! CHOP CHOP!

I can't believe it's almost time for Me to go to Miami... you bitches can still tribute in ways which will get Me cash BEFORE I go, I have links for NiteFlirt tributes over on My sidebar to the left, here on My journal. Also, I have Alertpay, and Greendot (duh). IM or email Me for details if you're dumb enough to need further information... don't waste My time though, I've been ignore-happy lately ;)

Oh, I don't think I ever posted these caps from the last time(?) I was on GlamCam, with My ignore-foot cam, so here they are. lol

I'm gonna be camming again most likely tomorrow (Saturday), and I'll post a notification on My Twitter, or here (if I remember hehe)

I'm about ready to pass out, and I'm sure I am forgetting at least one or two things I wanted to include in this update.. but I'll save it for next time.

Ciao bitches.

16th-Mar-2011 01:46 am - Voice Post
125K 0:44

Transcribed by: princessvikki


My favorite method of tribute - GREENDOT!

Virgin to GreenDot? Never went out of your way to use this amazing method of tributing? TIME TO CHANGE THAT.
My absolute favorite way to collect MY money from paypigs is via moneypak refills, which you will buy and present to Me on bended knee. Pay attention while I explain how this whole process works, how you will obey and please Me, and what will happen if you don't obey.

My $hit-heel slave's latest cash tribute

Today I received the cash tribute I demanded from My loser boi, s.hit-heel, and a pathetic note. I want more money from My bitch, and more ass-kissing as well! This note that I received is unacceptable for the future, I want to be impressed next time! I enjoy knowing just how obsessed and devoted My slaves are, and s.hit-heel better step it up if he wants to make Me happy. I dish out My verbal abuse while teasing My pathetic pig with My amazing tits in a tiny bikini top. How can you resist from obeying EVERYTHING I say?

13th-Mar-2011 12:09 am - Auction, video... yeah.

Cutting My Toenails & Auctioning Them Off!

I've been letting My toenails grow for the last couple weeks, and they're in desperate need of trim. Why would I waste these amazing clippings, when a lowly foot worshiping addict such as yourself will fight til the end for the chance to win these at auction?! Show your devotion to My toes and soles by bidding on My delicious toenail clippings!

Go here to bid:

I picked up My $100 cash tribute from My loser pet shit-heel at the post office earlier today, which put a smile on My beautiful face. bitch boi will get rewarded with a special video I have in mind which goes with My vacation video series theme ;) he'll see soon enough. I owe his pathetic ass more too, but I gotta give the bitch credit, he is VERY patient when it comes to dealing w/ My hectic schedule and when I am available to worry about his Princess rewards. More of you dumb-asses need to follow suit in that department, because I can't deal w/ the rest of you being desperate whine-asses 99% of the time. FO' REAL, YO.

I'm gonna be working on/finishing up some other customs I should have done already (dude, I've been busy!) and more auctions tomorrow, after I get a good nights sleep tonight... I hope. I've been averaging 4-6 hours of sleep on a good night lately, so needless to say.. I've been a wreck, basically. I'm realllllly ready for Miami in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (I want to throw up from the anticipation) and I am giddy as fuck to meet sexy laddddyyy, Princess Meggerz. Prepare to change your dirty undies, fuckers  - you'll be shittin' your drawers and cumming your brains out all at once just from the mere sight of Us Perfect Goddesses standing together flipping you off! Hahaha... get the wallets ready, swine.

IN THE MEANTIME... I want you piggies sending that green.
After you send your tribute, get down on your knees, pucker up those loser lips...

10th-Mar-2011 09:24 pm(no subject)

Pay for My Vacation - Part 1

I’ve already booked it, now you’re paying for it - My big Miami vacation! It’s coming right up; soon I’ll be soaking up the sun on the beach during the day, and partying in style at night for almost a week straight. Oh, and did I mention the amazingly sexy Princess Meggerz is joining Me? That’s right, losers… you’re paying for OUR hotel, and that’s just the beginning!

Pay for My Vacation - Part 2

Come on, pay pigs! Time is ticking, and I have a vacation to go on with Princess Meggerz! As Goddesses, We shouldn't have to pay for anything, that's why you're going to be a good little bitch boi and send the cash for Us to spend! The hotel is all there is left to cover, other than spending money, and you simpletons have only TWO weeks to finish paying for everything. I've more than doubled My cash collection since the first installment of this clip series, and I expect the same when I make clip #3. If Princess isn't happy, NO ONE will be happy... it's a fact.

Sucks to be you if you aren't a member of GlamWorship, or just suck and don't show up in time to catch My chats.
Check it out:

I'll most likely be back on cam over there late tonight, as usual, catch Me if you caaaaaan ;) 

Okay, now onto another important bit of info...

In case you haven't heard about this new clip site, check it out! Lucky for Me, they have a good payout on clip percentage, and an even better one for My most favorite thing - TRIBUTES!
I've been adding My clips over there, and set up My tributes page for the time-being, so make it worth My while and go SPEND, suckers! 90% on tributes is totally kick-ass, make your tribute N-O-W.

For those of you that don't follow Me on Twitter, you missed the announcement that gboi is no longer My slave... at all. lol I really don't have time for bullshit, or self-centered attitudes, so that 'relationship' is OVER. he thought I'd allow him to step-down and just come and go casually.. yeah, no. It's all or nothing, and the all was apparently too much for him to handle. Go to the trolls. SIZZLE. LOSING. BYE.

When one bitch is failing or fails miserably, another loser seems to kick it up a notch or two. My pathetic piggy shit-heel has been stepping it up with trying to please his Princess, and I can see the dedication. KEEP IT UP, LOSER! I should be picking up some cash at the post office from that degenerate tomorrow. Yay :) I am hoping W/we can get together real soon to session and record some clips to make Me even more money off his patheticness >:D Not to mention, I owe him a slap (or two) across the face for past indiscretions, and just for the hell of it, I need to see My pet for real to make this happen ;)

I noticed I never even gave My bikini robot boi credit for all these hot bikini (tops) I've been showing off lately. he's spent hundreds on swim wear, and it works perfectly since I'll be in Florida in two weeks, and you bois love seeing Me wear them in clips as well ;) I added more to My wish list, I'm just waiting on his pathetic boob-addicted brain to function enough so he buys them... I MARKED THEM FOR YOU, ROBO BOI! he loves being weakened by My amazing tits in these sexy little pieces of material that cover up just enough... hehehe I want more and more and MORE to keep the weakness level on HIGH. hehehe

Hot right? YEAH, I THOUGHT SO!

#winwhore - TWEET THAT SHIT!

I've been keeping My ignore line on pretty much 24/7 lately, you never know what I'll be doing or when I'll be doing it, so it's ON for good.. basically.

Call Button

Alrighty, I have things I need to go do. This took more time to type up than I planned, gah...



6th-Mar-2011 02:52 pm - Lazy Sunday

Don't do this:

I will not respond very well, and will most likely block you.

And look at these other assholes that click but don't PAY...

Notice I left the one paid mail from the doucher above. FUCK YOU, DIE.

Shit, I had more to update with but now I'm sleepy as all get out (too much party time last night) and want a nap more than anything. I'll update more later. duh.

4th-Mar-2011 01:08 am - Time for the xanax!

I made a brief appearance (like 45 min) over on GlamCam earlier. If you missed Me, you suck.
Check out these screen caps...

Unfortunately it was a lurker loser night over at Glamworship, so I really didn't feel like sticking around there all night.
Plus, Jersey Shore was on tonight... I can't miss that.

gboi has to pay $400 for this video below that I just uploaded to Kinkbomb... the rest of you piggies are getting it for a steal of a price ;) hehehe

gboi's humiliating titty tease w/ My verbal abuse & big tribute demand

Custom Clip. Well, you asked for it, fuckface! you begged for a temporary break from being assigned foot bitch duties, and I'm reallllly going to make you PAY for it! I want you in your chastity device, while I tease you with My natural 34C tits, and verbally abuse your pathetic existence and berate you for not being good enough to satisfy Me perfectly as My total bitch. Oh, and you'll be slapping yourself silly too. HA!

Nighty nightttttt :) I'll leave My NF ignore line on so you fools can call and hear Me sleep... if I even wake up to answer lol

3rd-Mar-2011 01:47 pm - New clip + random stuff

I'm on My period, and you're going to suffer too!
I hate this time of the month - the cramps, bloating... and My crazy bitchy attitude is the icing on the cake! I'm miserable, and I refuse to suffer alone, so you're going to be experiencing this lovely side-effect of being a Woman right along with Me. However, you're a pathetic loser male, so you're going to make that asshole your vag-hole so you can wear tampons just like Me! Hahahaha!

I'm still #17 in the top studios on Kinkbomb, BUY BUY BUY and put Me higher! Come on, piggies!

Hahahaha in that .gif I'm definitely saying "it's going up your ass" lmao I crack Myself up.
Oh, and that black bra is gonna be auctioned off within the next 48 hours, just because it's busted to shit now and I'm pissy about it. I'll be making a vid for the auction though, so I'll explain more in that once I get the auction listing up.
Another good thing - that negative feedback I had is GONE (thank goodness, it was irritating Me) and I now have a positive feedback replacing it, AND the winner of that auction sent another $40 to apologize. Awww, that was nice! Now I just need to get AlertPay all straightened out, and I can transfer that moolah to My bank account.

Today's been fairly uneventful so far. I didn't end up camming last night since I went over to a close friend's house to give her My shoulder to cry on (her and her bf of 8 years just broke up) and I ended up being over there a bit longer than I anticipated, but it's all good, she needed a friend last night and I wasn't about to leave her alone to just dwell on the bullshit she's been going through.
I love that girl, she knows about My sites, thinks it is hilarious and awesome, never has said anything negative about it. She is always asking about My bois, and loves all My stories lol! She's such a sweetheart too - after all this shit with Doug and Me having a falling out, and then cuckie pulling his shit, she offered to lend a hand and do her best to film Me and take some pics for Me. Her house is adorable too, so it would be fun to shoot some content over there. She has a HUGE jacuzzi tub in her master bathroom, and last night I was pretty tempted to get in that thing, but that didn't happen lol I may just have to film a clip or two playing around in that at some point hahahaha!

Oh yeah, fuckfaced bitch gboi gave Me $200 yesterday, and that WASN'T enough to make Me happy, so he's getting another $200 for Me by Saturday at the latest. he's gotta be all covert and whatnot, so his wife doesn't get all suspicious, lameeeeeeeee. I had the loser inflict pain on himself yesterday, after giving him a break for a lil bit on that (he had health problems, I didn't want to put him right back in the hospital - weak bitch!) and DAMN that felt good to get back to that place with his lame ass. Apparently, the custom video I made him creates his chastity device to just about destroy his useless wormy cock from the teasing I do with My amazing tits.

I need to get this content that I made for My other bitch loser shit-heel uploaded and sent as well, poor little fucker is probably having major withdrawals since his dumb ass missed My cam chats on GlamWorship the last couple times I've been on, not to mention he needs to hear My powerful words that instruct him how to live his pathetic life, and how he WILL make Me happy and meet all My demands like a good loser boi. I'm ready to take another tribute from him and apply it to My vacation expenses. My pigs need to make sure things are paid for, and this is coming right up... SOON!

So anyway, I'm pretty tired but I just drank some coffee and energized Myself, I'm hoping that kicks in soon so I can get the mountain of clothes in My laundry room conquered and then I can move on to conquering uploading and recording more clips before I DO cam tonight.

My NiteFlirt ignore line is on right now, and I've decided to run a "special" on calls...
If your call lasts a minimum of 10 minutes, I will send you TWO free minutes (currently worth $10) after the call is completed.
you can use those minutes whenever, or call right back after you receive them and spend 'em up like a real Princess Vikki addict lol

Call Button

Alrighty, I really need to get off this damn computer and go do something productive. Feel free to call and see what I'm up to ;)


Sucks if you missed Me on cam last night.  I wore the pink bikini I posted pics of Me in not that long ago, as a request from someone that never even showed up - go figure! Oh well, I still looked gooooooood. ;)

My video buying piggy came along last night and dropped some moolah on more clips over at Kinkbomb, about $180. I love it when I see his user name pop up on NF or Kinkbomb orders because I know that means MONEY. lolol

I have a couple custom vids to work on tonight, and more uploading of clips I already have done. I hate how time-consuming the whole process is, I want to snap My fingers and just have all My ideas/requests filmed and uploaded. It's nice to dream ;)

Oh yeah, I put My silver pants ass tease for shawn video on NF so go scoop that up!


I will possibly be on GlamCam again tonight, I have no idea what time, probably later at night though. I will be updating My twitter of course, when I'm actually about to go LIVE so check there!

gboi, My insignificant little shit, should be home any time now to present Me a tribute I demanded. It will be going towards My Miami fun-cation that is only 22 days away.
I want ALL you other bitch bois paying up if you want to see every bit of exclusive content that comes from this trip. Obviously, I will have vids for sale in My stores, and I'll probably post a few pics.. BUT only the good piggies will see every single picture, and any special videos I make just for them. I reward My bois for being good, when they are deserving of it. This vacation is pretty important for Me, any boi who tributes toward it should feel honored to have the chance to do so. I won't forget who has been naughty and didn't tribute, and also who was nice and made their Princess pleased. ;)
There is a small balance left for the hotel I'm staying at in MIA, so get in touch with Me if you want to make it disappear completely and I can be totally stress-free til I actually leave.

I chewed off all My fucking fingernails after I broke a couple :( 
one of you bitches (or more) can send a nail salon tribute so I can go get this situation with having short nails solved pronto. I hate having no nails.

k, I'm done here. I have some stuffz to do and evil plans to plot out.


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