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The ULTIMATE Fetish Brat
Spoiled Princess Vikki
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So.. shit's been crazy and I was in a bad car accident, but... at least I'm alive, right? :)

My legs are all banged up (they look worse now, I took these a few hours after the accident)

My arm:


So, basically, getting t-boned while driving sucks total cock, but I'm thankful no one is seriously injured or dead. Cars can be replaced, right bois? ;)

Princess Vikki


8th-Sep-2011 04:57 pm - NYC in TWO weeks!


I'm planning a quick trip to the City in a couple of weeks... so start sending that cash, bois!

I'm not staying in a hotel or anything, so that's ONE less thing for you addicts to cover the cost of. My sister is in Manhattan, so I'll be staying with her... and We plan to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! Seriously, I have a long list of stores I plan to hit up with a vengeance. I'd also like to treat My sis to pedicures while I'm there, so one of you bois will need to fund that lil adventure.

BASICALLY, the point I'm trying to get across here, is that you bitches need to get Me, the Princess, what I desire... and that is CASH.

I don't like you, I just like the money that was once in your possession ;)

I have a big slave update coming next. Some of you bois have been working to keep Me pleased, others... not so much. I'm amidst editing a dozen or so clips, and they'll be ready for the good bois and My stores in the very near future.


loser (9/7/2011 4:49:05 PM): Wish I could call you on my way home from work

loser (9/7/2011 4:54:15 PM): 10 per min would add up super fast

loser (9/7/2011 4:58:54 PM): Are you there?

Me (9/7/2011 4:59:00 PM): Yeah.

Me (9/7/2011 4:59:06 PM): About to head out in a few.

loser (9/7/2011 4:59:26 PM): Where to?

loser (9/7/2011 4:59:46 PM): I am about to leave the office

Me (9/7/2011 5:00:33 PM): Dinner

loser (9/7/2011 5:01:53 PM): Mmm

loser (9/7/2011 5:02:00 PM): Hopefully something good

Me (9/7/2011 5:02:29 PM): No, it's going to be disgusting and make Me throw up and have explosive diarrhea EVERYWHERE!

Me (9/7/2011 5:02:36 PM): Obviously it's going to be fucking good!

Me (9/7/2011 5:02:39 PM): Jeeze.

loser (9/7/2011 5:04:31 PM): Lol!

loser (9/7/2011 5:04:39 PM): You are funny

loser (9/7/2011 5:04:53 PM): And sarcastic like me

Me (9/7/2011 5:05:03 PM): I'm NOTHING like you

Me (9/7/2011 5:05:12 PM): do NOT ever insult Me like that again

Me (9/7/2011 5:05:15 PM): you asshole

loser (9/7/2011 5:05:35 PM): Oh my bad

loser (9/7/2011 5:05:55 PM): Please forgive me

Me (9/7/2011 5:06:12 PM): I'll consider it.

Good thing this dumb fuck is actually a decent paypig when I can have My way with his lame ass. Otherwise, he's an annoying, fat piece of shit.

Anyone remember him?

20th-Jun-2011 03:48 am - Huge update!
I have been siiiiick! :(
No idea wtf virus I had, but it was like an extreme headcold and just feeling damn miserable for more than TWO WEEKS. It hasn't been fun.
In the midst of all that crap, I've still been trying to pack to move, as well as stay fairly up to date on the internets.


I should be in My house in the next few weeks, and I'm super duper excited about it. The next couple of weeks entail some renovations that need to be done prior to moving in (since I'm OCD and don't want to move shit to another area of the house once it's all moved in), and then I get to start unpacking and decorating! Woo! There's a bunch of goodies I've put on My
HOUSE WISH LIST for you paypigs to scoop up and send to Me. I'm also cool with accepting Best Buy gift cards, as I'm buying some major appliances there and the less I pay out of pocket the better (obvs).

I never really posted much about My Birthday, huh? Oops. I didn't do much anyway, but I *did* get spoiled, so I can't complain ;]
I think the best gift I got was My LOVELY Juicy faux fur coat, purchased by My cuckie! It was a total surprise, and I was beyond thrilled when I received the package in the mail.


My loser piggy, dumbass fuck-up, bought Me a brand spankin' new hair dryer since My other one bit the dust (I'm thinking about ebanned'ing that sucker, because SOME degenerate will buy it lololol).  I absolutely loveeee this dryer! It is awesome. In the left-hand side of that pic you can also see this cute lil bikini that tymeggerz bought Me. Dude's a total flakey flake, but he's come through a couple times so he's not a total asshole, I guess.

Some BDay cashola

I bought these Juicy slippers for MYSELF with some e-cert funds.


PRIOR to My Birthday, I got these awesome Steve Madden sandals and Juicy flip-flops from the pathetic and useless loser, foot-stool.

And right around My Birthday, I got these cute wedges from foot-stool.

I don't think they were technically a BDay gift, and the little loser never really bought Me a gift, so that irritated Me a little. I'm preeeeetty sure there has been some slutting going on, and I wouldn't be surprised at all since I busted this idiot for that in the past. OH WELL. I don't give a fuck to be quite truthful. I do love My shoes though >:)

I never posted anything about Chicken Fest either! That was the 31st of April, and it seems like it was FOREVER ago now.
I went with the hubby and Goddess Naomi (it was her Bday) and We all met up with some friends there. Needless to say, it was a fun night of being fucked up, dancing for hours upon hours to blasting techno and dubstep, and then unfortunately trying to pull the car out of the mud for a couple hours after the sun came up hahaha While We were partying the car sunk into the mud where it ended up being parked, out in the middle of the woods (hey, that's the best place for a secret drug-fueled festival) so needless to say, it was quite the time.

The sucky part was that I got burned by someone holding a cigarette in the crowd at the front of the stage, and THEN got a burning log knocked onto My feet from some idiot fucking with a camp fire. Luckily I was rolling My face off so hard that I didn't feel any pain til the next day. I was NOT impressed.

Oh well. Shit happens. Everything's all healed up and you'd never know anything happened now :P

NYC wasn't too bad. The weather was good for the most part.

Day 1...

Day 2...

Day 3...

And these awesome clips were created. GO BUY.

Denim & Fur Tease for the jeans slut
Custom Clip. Princess Vikki & Princess Meggerz team up to tease and humiliate the scene jeans slut with their perfect denim-clad asses and a little bit of fur too!

Princess Vikki & Meggerz Double Sock Feet Tease
Meggerz and I tease and humiliate the addicted foot bois in these cute Juicy socks, and then with Our sexy bare soles and wiggling toes! We know how addicted you are, but We don't think you're worthy of being at Our feet because you're such a pathetic foot loser! you aren't even privileged enough to lick the flip-flop blister in between My toes!

Unfortunately, I am NOT going to FetishCon next month. I'm just not feelin' it now, and I have too much other stuff going on anyway.
Maybe next year? :)

ANYWAY... I guess I can mention shadi lol!
Everyone (I think) must have heard about him by now!
shadi, cuckie, gaylord, dumbass fuck-upCollapse )

Ahhhhhh.... I don't think I have the energy to update with anything else right now. This took more time than I originally planned, but at least you addicted pervs have something new to drool over.


Princess Vikki


4th-Jun-2011 03:21 pm - Clip Updates

It's been more than a month since I last updated, and quite frankly... I don't even feel like updating right now! lolol
My life's been busy, big things happening, so updating has been a low priority item for Me.

HOWEVER, I do have some things I really want to update with, so I'll get around to it later this weekend when I'm not so tied up (har har you wish) with other crap that takes precedence over updating for the wanking masses.

In the meantime, GO BUY ALL THESE CLIPS.

cuckie's cash

It's too easy getting My piggy boi to give Me whatever I want, and do whatever I want! I desired cash, and that's exactly what cuckie got Me. I want it presented at My perfect size 7s, counted, and then handed to Me with an over-abundance of "THANK YOU"s thrown on top. I allow My pet to worship at My feet while praising and adoring Me, and then put My boots on for Me before I leave him for the weekend.

Feet Treats Part 1 - Crushing Bananas

I am going to be making a special little snack for My addicted foot bitch, prepared with My amazing bare feet! I'm going to be smushing up two large bananas beneath My perfect size 7 soles; squishing them between My toes, making a nice gooey consistency that I'll be feeding to My hungry pet. Mmmmm... a foot lovers DREAM COME TRUE!

We laugh at how pathetic you are! *HD 720p*

Princess Vikki and Mistress Mikayla... can you handle the verbal abuse and humiliation from TWO cruel brats?!
We think you're ridiculously lame. Sit there and take it, as we drink wine, laugh, and dish out Our feelings on simpleton losers like you. you're a joke to Us! We just want your money!

cuckie worships the Spoiled Princess

cuckie bows down at My feet while I show off My spoils from a day of shopping, a pedicure, and dinner. I even give the bitch a little present, just for being such an obedient pet for Me to use and abuse all weekend long.

Feet Treats Part 2 - Feeding My foot slave

After crushing up a couple of bananas, I sprinkle on some pedegg foot flakes, and begin feeding the amazing foot-prepared snack to My addicted pet. he eagerly cleans My feet, and eats up the tasty treats like a good foot bitch.

Turning gaylord into My cocksucking bitch

Custom Clip. I want you down on your knees, and open up for this big black dick! All you're good for is choking on a big fat cock for MY amusement and sending Me tribute after tribute! you are My submissive whore, and I plan to turn you into the ULTIMATE fag.

Denim Skirt A$$ Addiction

My big juicy ass teasing you in a tight denim mini skirt... Need I say more? ;)

Demands for the hair addict

Are you addicted to My hair? Well then, you should be paying for the privilege of being My weak little hairball loser!
Sit there and pay attention as I tell you I want, while I brush out My tangles and smooth out My long, beautiful hair. If you want to be kept as My hair pet, you MUST OBEY!

Suck My dick!

Custom Clip. It's time to get back down on your knees for more cock-sucking training, gaylord! I have another new toy to show you... this time a MUCH LONGER one! I want you deep-throating a toy just like Mine - you must buy one of your own! Sucking on household items that resemble a fat cock will not suffice anymore. It's time to kick it up a notch, and I want you to obey EVERY fucking word I say, fag boi!

Buy from Kinkbomb if you want to see Me collect more of a % from the sale ;)

I have more updates coming on the Ebanned front, some news on the recent adventures of Meggerz and I, plus slave/tribute updates! I have some good (and pathetically addicted) bois that def need to get mentioned here for multiple reasons lol I bet they're getting blue balls just waiting for that update.

k, I'm out.

22nd-Apr-2011 03:51 pm - Friday is MY day ;)

Friday has arrived... the day you bitches should be sending ME your paychecks.

cuckie will be here very soon, he's already in Maine hehe Tonight's plan is for him to take Me & My lovie out to dinner, and then I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm sure the evening will be documented with My camera to a certain degree ;) bitch boi won't even be allowed to sit at Our table! LOL he has to sit by himself, watch Us eat and enjoy Ourselves, and then when the bill comes... I'm pointing the waitress in his direction with the order, "have Our slave pay for it." If I am pleased with My pet this weekend he may just earn another loaded condom from the couple he lovessss to serve.
I bet the rest of you goobers can't wait to see the batch of videos from this adventure with cuckie! I'm 99% sure that Mistress Mikayla and even possibly Goddess Naomi are gonna get in on the action tomorrow afternoon and then We're gonna have a night out at bitch boi's expense. Any of you other twats wanna cover some draaanks?! Send MoneyPak codes to My email address so We can spend it up without hesitation ;)

Here's a few more pics from the other night...

Okay, I suppose I should start getting ready for tonight.
Peace, suckas'!


20th-Apr-2011 04:49 pm(no subject)

Just a "typical" Tuesday night. Booze, music and friends!

you bitch pigs can thank Me for what I'm about to privilege you with...
Meet another one of My devious Girlfriends... Mistress Mikayla!


It was a good night, Naomi came to hang out too, so that was nice! She even got in on the video making action to a certain degree lol I have yet to actually edit any video, and even though I was a lil on the tipsy side, I'm pretty sure they came out decent. I think I recorded Mikayla giving her boy toy a lapdance at one point?! LOL I need to check My memory card.

We love each other.


This weekend Mikayla (and hopefully Naomi, too!) will be joining Me for some RT loser abuse, when cuckie comes to visit hehehe Hopefully We can get in a Ladies Night, after We gang up on the pathetic bitch boi who's eager to submit to Our every demand! hehehe

Well, that's all for now. Look for another update soooooooon ;)



19th-Apr-2011 09:34 am - Pics... Bills... Techno.

Ahhh... tan again! I went last night and 'double dipped' at the tanning salon (one of My most favorite places lol). 7 min in the Instant bed (no red-ray) and then a lovely session in the VersaSpa spray booth. I didn't go as dark with the spray tan as I did prior to Miami, since I was truly a fucking meatball after that experience. I wasn't dark enough underneath the spray to make it look natural enough, I guess? The last time I spray tanned in that shade I was already pretty bronzed from bed tanning so it looked really good. I'm pretty dark this time, but I have yet to shower and wash off a lot of the instant bronzers I got covered with last night. I bought this new body lotion that is supposed to work wonders too, with keeping the tan even and all that good stuff (it's silicone based) and it was $60, so one of you piggies can reimburse Me for that purchase ;)

Why should I have to use MY money, or the money My man works hard for, to pay the bills?! I SHOULDN'T.
I want you bitches taking care of My expenses each month, every month.

  • Rent - $700
  • Utilities - $150
  • Car Payment - $400
  • Car Insurance - $110
  • Tanning - $90
  • Cell Phone - $100 Paid by cuckie!
  • My Man’s Cell Phone - $60
  • Student Loan - $150

A couple other things I desire tributes for ASAP:
- My speeding ticket :( $185
- PO Box fees for 1yr. $72
- A&F credit card balance $183
- New wheels/tires for My car ~$800
- My plane tix to go to Tampa in July for FetCon ~$400

Isn't that halter top cute? It has a matching skirt I didn't feel like fucking with last night when I snapped those pics w/ My cam. I purchased the set with some of that $150 e-cert I got from that Gaylord (bitchfaced warthog) fag-tard. I owe that loser a video (or two!) already, but maybe I'll be so kind as to let him see Me in the full outfit too ;) WE WILL SEE! I didn't get My tribute this past Friday... and I'm assuming bitchface got confused or something because I've been out of touch, BUT I want the tributes that W/we schedule NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT. Things get hectic in My life, and if you're a "valued" or loyal pet for Me, you'll make sure you do as I expect and desire, without My constant reminders.

Alrighty, I think I'm gonna go for a walk since the sun is out and shining right now. I actually got an early start today, so I am HOPING I can get all the things accomplished that I'd love the see done and out of the way.

18th-Apr-2011 04:15 pm - La de da...
Uh.. I’ve been busy. My bad. Here’s what’s up.

My very addicted cuckie boi is coming for a visit this weekend, and it’s going to be lotsssss of fun! He’s going to be serving Me AND two of My Girlfriends, filming videos, and basically just doing whatever the fuck We want. lol If things work out accordingly, he will allowed to take My Man and I out to dinner one of the nights he is here also. Lucky cuckie! ;) I have a couple of sexy items coming to Me in the mail purchased by My pet, one for Me to wear when I’m having sexy time with My stud, and another awesome dress that I might wear out to the club while cuck is here! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to get in some abuse in RT once again!!

Bikini robo boi was back for some more abuse recently. That weakling just cannot get enough! Here’s what I got from the addicted piggy to use on hot new bikinis:


Yeah, he’s gonna go nuts when he’s finally able to see Me in all these pieces that he’s purchased. It’s gotta be close to a grand now that My bikini boi has spent total?! Impressive! I love My swimwear collection, entirely funded by the robo addict! >: ) BY THE WAY, I have a ton of mind-numbing pieces on My wish list that are just waiting to be scooped up! All marked accordingly… Hehe.

A small mention, matty boi has been sending chump change amounts of cash in the mail and recently bought a couple small yet sexy items off My wish list. It’s pretty pathetic how little he has to give, but he doesn’t expect tons and tons of chat time and is ecstatic when he actually DOES get some attention from Me. I get lots of offline messages from this dork, and it shows Me he is very addicted and he does what he can to give more. Keep $ending and worshiping, LOSER BITCH! ;)

After a long time of NOTHING but ass-kissing and disappointment, foot stool came back and bought a couple things off My wish list today. It was a pleasant surprise, and I have a couple pairs of sandals on their way! I’ll be ready for summer hehe I had bitchface get the Steve Madden thongs I wanted, and a cute pair of Juicy flip-flops too. When I get those, he buys more. His idea - I find it acceptable ;)

NOW, on to stuff that is way more interesting (to Me, at least).

I’m definitely going to try to buy a house now that My taxes are done (I owed more than I was thinking… don’t even get Me started, just pay Me back, piggies!) and I know how much I made last year blah blah blah. I’m very nervous about the whole process, and I’ve been working My ass off to make My credit score as high as possible before even talking to the bank. I want to go in there looking as good as possible lol The last year or so, I’ve been right on top of budgeting money, and knowing exactly where every dollar is going.
Luckily, the house is rather cheap. A family member that passed away was the only other person to live there, so the house isn’t in too rough of shape. There are, of course, things I want to do right away to improve the look of the place, but it’s move-in ready. I’ve already been thinking about all the things I want to do to modernize the place, and especially how I want to have My office space. It will be SO nice to have the dedicated area, and more space to work that I’ve had.

If you didn’t catch this on My twitter, Princess Meggerz is planning to come here (Maine) next month, and We have LOTS that We want to do while She is here. There’s already a growing list of loser dip-shits that want to get in on some real-time abuse and wallet raping action, and then of course We have videos planned that will just melt your brain from the over-load of awesome. We’re thinking that NYC or Boston (or both?!?) will be the hot spot(s) to hit up while She is up this way. Get in touch if you and your wallet can withstand Our abuse ;)

In My opinion, it’s never too early to plan for some things, and Electric Zoo is one of those things. I have no idea what I want to do yet, as far as tickets, the quantity, and where to stay goes, but I want to get things figured out well enough in advance so that you bitches can PAY for it all! Duh! Last year cuckie was the lucky loser who paid for basically all of it, and I’m sure he’ll be $ending towards this too, but the rest of you sillies need to crack open the wallets too. Tickets just went on sale this past week, and I don’t want to miss out on getting what I want while it’s a reasonable price, and there are still tickets available. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN, BITCHES!

Andddd finally, a couple ‘special’ offers:
  1. Spend $100+ on THIS WISH LIST and earn a custom video! I will either wear the item(s) purchased, or will record/send prior to receiving item(s).
  2. Use code 20PERCENTOFF in My Kinkbomb store, now through the end of April, on orders totaling $20+ to receive the 20% discount!

That's all for now, fuckers.


5th-Apr-2011 04:08 pm(no subject)

I have NOT been able to function at a realistic level since returning from Miami.
Nothing is as satisfying as living the life I did in MIA for a week. I MISS IT! :(

I'm officially a festival whore.
Not in the sense that I go to these things and get train-fucked by guys while rolling My face off.. LOL I mean, I can't get enough of festivals, I want to go to them all, and I pretty much want to live at one.

I also made a really great new friendship, and that makes Me smile :)

I <333 Meggerz! 
She's coming here (Maine) to visit Me next month and We have LOTS of fun things planned.
Some real-time loser abuse, NYC shopping & exploring, and We will be working on a big, exciting project that you swine will have to wait to hear more about later. ;)

Basically, I can't wait til next year when ULTRA comes back to Miami. It will for sure be another epic vacation, fueled by money, d-rugs, and booze. lmfao.


Views from balcony:

I want someone to dress up like this for Me on cam :p

My feet are the filthier ones LOL I am gonna have to sell those flippie-floppies on ebanned cuz MUTHAFUCKA they killed My feet! :(


Smoking on My balcony in Miami

How badly do you wish you could be My human ashtray while I'm on vacation? I give you a quick peek of Me taking deep puffs from My cigarette, flicking the ashes in your face, and then blowing out each drag I take for you to inhale.

Pay for My Vacation - Part 3 I'M IN MIAMI, BITCH!

Life is grand, and it's because I'm the Princess! I always get what I want, and this vacation was paid for by you pathetic little paypiggies out there! My hotel is simply amazing, the view is crazy awesome, this entire trip is luxurious... I'll give you a little taste of what I'm experiencing at your expense! I want you bitches sending more for My next vacation, it will be coming right up!

**Those videos are ONLY available on Kinkbomb currently! Go buy 'em up, slores!**

And I recorded this video the other day, upon meeting up with My again-returning pet, cuckie.

cuckie gets My used bra & panties! *HD 720p*

Just like a good piggy boi, cuckie made sure he won My busted bra auction, and it's even more special since he bought Me the bra brand new at Victoria's Secret in the first place! I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I stopped in to visit My pet and personally deliver the item he beat out the other suckers on hehehe

And since cuckie has been such a good, obedient bitch for ME lately I am rewarding him with a bonus item! I happened to ruin a favorite pair of VS panties when I started My period recently, but instead of throwing them out I knew cuckie would treasure this 'accident' like gold!

At this point, I really do not give a fuck what anyone has to say about cuckie coming back to serve Me again. NO ONE knows 100% what happens between Me and him, so I really don't want to hear any more bullshit regarding his serving Me. I can't stand gossipy little fuck-stains that want to get shit stirred up to have something to jerk off to. FOR REAL. Get a fucking life, douche bags.

Just a re-cap of what My bitch cuck boi HAS done for Me lately (as in the last couple of weeks)...
- Paid just over $3600 for the hotel Meggerz & I stayed at in Miami
- Paid My ~$260 cell phone bill
- Made sure he won My bra auction like I wanted him to pay close attention to
- Sent My man and I condoms, like a GOOD cuck bitch, and included an ass-kissing love letter
- Offered to do whatever I fucking want, whenever I fucking want, and he WILL obey Me... FOREVER.

Suck on it, haters. SUCK. ON. IT.

Fuck deer heads, we mount dildos on the goddamn walls!

ANNNYYYWAAYY... check out this humorous shit:

I suppose I'll keep him around for now, if he can comply with My level of expectations, and be a good paypet for Me. I have demanded $150 via Greendot from his lowly loser ass each Friday, on piggy paydays. If he can get any extra cashola for Me, though... he WILL send it. I always want you bitches going above and beyond for Me if possible!!

 There is def. more I need to update with, but I have been working on this update for far too long already and My attention span is shot.


Princess Vikz

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