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The ULTIMATE Fetish Brat
Spoiled Princess Vikki
Huge update! 
20th-Jun-2011 03:48 am
I have been siiiiick! :(
No idea wtf virus I had, but it was like an extreme headcold and just feeling damn miserable for more than TWO WEEKS. It hasn't been fun.
In the midst of all that crap, I've still been trying to pack to move, as well as stay fairly up to date on the internets.


I should be in My house in the next few weeks, and I'm super duper excited about it. The next couple of weeks entail some renovations that need to be done prior to moving in (since I'm OCD and don't want to move shit to another area of the house once it's all moved in), and then I get to start unpacking and decorating! Woo! There's a bunch of goodies I've put on My
HOUSE WISH LIST for you paypigs to scoop up and send to Me. I'm also cool with accepting Best Buy gift cards, as I'm buying some major appliances there and the less I pay out of pocket the better (obvs).

I never really posted much about My Birthday, huh? Oops. I didn't do much anyway, but I *did* get spoiled, so I can't complain ;]
I think the best gift I got was My LOVELY Juicy faux fur coat, purchased by My cuckie! It was a total surprise, and I was beyond thrilled when I received the package in the mail.


My loser piggy, dumbass fuck-up, bought Me a brand spankin' new hair dryer since My other one bit the dust (I'm thinking about ebanned'ing that sucker, because SOME degenerate will buy it lololol).  I absolutely loveeee this dryer! It is awesome. In the left-hand side of that pic you can also see this cute lil bikini that tymeggerz bought Me. Dude's a total flakey flake, but he's come through a couple times so he's not a total asshole, I guess.

Some BDay cashola

I bought these Juicy slippers for MYSELF with some e-cert funds.


PRIOR to My Birthday, I got these awesome Steve Madden sandals and Juicy flip-flops from the pathetic and useless loser, foot-stool.

And right around My Birthday, I got these cute wedges from foot-stool.

I don't think they were technically a BDay gift, and the little loser never really bought Me a gift, so that irritated Me a little. I'm preeeeetty sure there has been some slutting going on, and I wouldn't be surprised at all since I busted this idiot for that in the past. OH WELL. I don't give a fuck to be quite truthful. I do love My shoes though >:)

I never posted anything about Chicken Fest either! That was the 31st of April, and it seems like it was FOREVER ago now.
I went with the hubby and Goddess Naomi (it was her Bday) and We all met up with some friends there. Needless to say, it was a fun night of being fucked up, dancing for hours upon hours to blasting techno and dubstep, and then unfortunately trying to pull the car out of the mud for a couple hours after the sun came up hahaha While We were partying the car sunk into the mud where it ended up being parked, out in the middle of the woods (hey, that's the best place for a secret drug-fueled festival) so needless to say, it was quite the time.

The sucky part was that I got burned by someone holding a cigarette in the crowd at the front of the stage, and THEN got a burning log knocked onto My feet from some idiot fucking with a camp fire. Luckily I was rolling My face off so hard that I didn't feel any pain til the next day. I was NOT impressed.

Oh well. Shit happens. Everything's all healed up and you'd never know anything happened now :P

NYC wasn't too bad. The weather was good for the most part.

Day 1...

Day 2...

Day 3...

And these awesome clips were created. GO BUY.

Denim & Fur Tease for the jeans slut
Custom Clip. Princess Vikki & Princess Meggerz team up to tease and humiliate the scene jeans slut with their perfect denim-clad asses and a little bit of fur too!

Princess Vikki & Meggerz Double Sock Feet Tease
Meggerz and I tease and humiliate the addicted foot bois in these cute Juicy socks, and then with Our sexy bare soles and wiggling toes! We know how addicted you are, but We don't think you're worthy of being at Our feet because you're such a pathetic foot loser! you aren't even privileged enough to lick the flip-flop blister in between My toes!

Unfortunately, I am NOT going to FetishCon next month. I'm just not feelin' it now, and I have too much other stuff going on anyway.
Maybe next year? :)

ANYWAY... I guess I can mention shadi lol!
Everyone (I think) must have heard about him by now!

And these are the sweet pics he made for Moi ;)


Lucky for this tiny man (and all you other Giantess worshipers out there) I have some clips that will be available VERY soon ;)

Oh, I almost forgot about gaylord... he's been dealing with some family stuff so he's out of the loop right now. Obviously, I don't like time being taken away from My training process, especially since I'm training him to be a total fucking faggy cocksucking whore... but anyway, he'll be back soon enough (if he knows what's good for his slutty loose ass! HA!)
The lame-o sent Me a fair amount in May... nothing so damn amazing I came in My panties, but yeah... it was a few hundred in MoneyPaks, and a couple ecerts.

cuckie has been such a good submissive pet for Me lately, on top of the amazing Birthday gift. It pleases Me when I can see how dedicated you bois are; My cuck is doing all that he can to let Me know he is ready for My every command and will do everything he can to please Me and My stud ;) cuckie was VERY lucky the last time he was here for some real-time fun. Aside from the videos that showcase just a small amount of the time W/we spent together, My pet got to take Me and My man out to dinner (although he sat at a different spot in the restaurant and only came to make sure We were well served and to pay the bill hehehe). After dinner Our pet got to hang out with Us for a little while and just get more comfortable sitting at Our feet, ready to do whatever We want... >:) It was a fun time!
Other than that fun dinner trip, cuck got to take Me out for a yummy Mexican lunch and then of course some light shopping and a pedi! How fun! One of My clips shows all the goodies that I was spoiled with, and I just love all the things I got! cuckie's money (well, MY money) got put to good use!
Hopefully I'll be getting together with My cuck pet sooner rather than later, but I am guessing it won't be until after I've moved all the way and things settle down a little more. I bet he can't wait to be serving at Mine and My lovey's feet ;) hehehe

Meee on the way to dinner w/ My man and cuckie...

Shopping goodies...

My cute freshly pedicured toesies :3

Smoking at the hotel between filming clips...

cuckie cash at My perfect feet!

Have you all seen My loser dog, dumbass fuck-up, being the pathetic dweeb he is, in the blog he started?!
It's fucking hilarious!

Just look at this disgrace!

I have this bitch eating DOG FOOD. Yeah, mutt chow. And I don't care what he says, I know he fucking loves it. Don't let the whining and complaining about the smell or whatever fool you, he LOVESSSSSS eating dog food for Me. DON'T YOU, LOSER?! Yup, you do. I can't wait to get My next tribute on TUESDAY. Don't forget and fuck this up... >:)

Ahhhhhh.... I don't think I have the energy to update with anything else right now. This took more time than I originally planned, but at least you addicted pervs have something new to drool over.


Princess Vikki


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