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The ULTIMATE Fetish Brat
Spoiled Princess Vikki
Pics... Bills... Techno. 
19th-Apr-2011 09:34 am

Ahhh... tan again! I went last night and 'double dipped' at the tanning salon (one of My most favorite places lol). 7 min in the Instant bed (no red-ray) and then a lovely session in the VersaSpa spray booth. I didn't go as dark with the spray tan as I did prior to Miami, since I was truly a fucking meatball after that experience. I wasn't dark enough underneath the spray to make it look natural enough, I guess? The last time I spray tanned in that shade I was already pretty bronzed from bed tanning so it looked really good. I'm pretty dark this time, but I have yet to shower and wash off a lot of the instant bronzers I got covered with last night. I bought this new body lotion that is supposed to work wonders too, with keeping the tan even and all that good stuff (it's silicone based) and it was $60, so one of you piggies can reimburse Me for that purchase ;)

Why should I have to use MY money, or the money My man works hard for, to pay the bills?! I SHOULDN'T.
I want you bitches taking care of My expenses each month, every month.

  • Rent - $700
  • Utilities - $150
  • Car Payment - $400
  • Car Insurance - $110
  • Tanning - $90
  • Cell Phone - $100 Paid by cuckie!
  • My Man’s Cell Phone - $60
  • Student Loan - $150

A couple other things I desire tributes for ASAP:
- My speeding ticket :( $185
- PO Box fees for 1yr. $72
- A&F credit card balance $183
- New wheels/tires for My car ~$800
- My plane tix to go to Tampa in July for FetCon ~$400

Isn't that halter top cute? It has a matching skirt I didn't feel like fucking with last night when I snapped those pics w/ My cam. I purchased the set with some of that $150 e-cert I got from that Gaylord (bitchfaced warthog) fag-tard. I owe that loser a video (or two!) already, but maybe I'll be so kind as to let him see Me in the full outfit too ;) WE WILL SEE! I didn't get My tribute this past Friday... and I'm assuming bitchface got confused or something because I've been out of touch, BUT I want the tributes that W/we schedule NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT. Things get hectic in My life, and if you're a "valued" or loyal pet for Me, you'll make sure you do as I expect and desire, without My constant reminders.

Alrighty, I think I'm gonna go for a walk since the sun is out and shining right now. I actually got an early start today, so I am HOPING I can get all the things accomplished that I'd love the see done and out of the way.

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