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The ULTIMATE Fetish Brat
Spoiled Princess Vikki
La de da... 
18th-Apr-2011 04:15 pm
Uh.. I’ve been busy. My bad. Here’s what’s up.

My very addicted cuckie boi is coming for a visit this weekend, and it’s going to be lotsssss of fun! He’s going to be serving Me AND two of My Girlfriends, filming videos, and basically just doing whatever the fuck We want. lol If things work out accordingly, he will allowed to take My Man and I out to dinner one of the nights he is here also. Lucky cuckie! ;) I have a couple of sexy items coming to Me in the mail purchased by My pet, one for Me to wear when I’m having sexy time with My stud, and another awesome dress that I might wear out to the club while cuck is here! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to get in some abuse in RT once again!!

Bikini robo boi was back for some more abuse recently. That weakling just cannot get enough! Here’s what I got from the addicted piggy to use on hot new bikinis:


Yeah, he’s gonna go nuts when he’s finally able to see Me in all these pieces that he’s purchased. It’s gotta be close to a grand now that My bikini boi has spent total?! Impressive! I love My swimwear collection, entirely funded by the robo addict! >: ) BY THE WAY, I have a ton of mind-numbing pieces on My wish list that are just waiting to be scooped up! All marked accordingly… Hehe.

A small mention, matty boi has been sending chump change amounts of cash in the mail and recently bought a couple small yet sexy items off My wish list. It’s pretty pathetic how little he has to give, but he doesn’t expect tons and tons of chat time and is ecstatic when he actually DOES get some attention from Me. I get lots of offline messages from this dork, and it shows Me he is very addicted and he does what he can to give more. Keep $ending and worshiping, LOSER BITCH! ;)

After a long time of NOTHING but ass-kissing and disappointment, foot stool came back and bought a couple things off My wish list today. It was a pleasant surprise, and I have a couple pairs of sandals on their way! I’ll be ready for summer hehe I had bitchface get the Steve Madden thongs I wanted, and a cute pair of Juicy flip-flops too. When I get those, he buys more. His idea - I find it acceptable ;)

NOW, on to stuff that is way more interesting (to Me, at least).

I’m definitely going to try to buy a house now that My taxes are done (I owed more than I was thinking… don’t even get Me started, just pay Me back, piggies!) and I know how much I made last year blah blah blah. I’m very nervous about the whole process, and I’ve been working My ass off to make My credit score as high as possible before even talking to the bank. I want to go in there looking as good as possible lol The last year or so, I’ve been right on top of budgeting money, and knowing exactly where every dollar is going.
Luckily, the house is rather cheap. A family member that passed away was the only other person to live there, so the house isn’t in too rough of shape. There are, of course, things I want to do right away to improve the look of the place, but it’s move-in ready. I’ve already been thinking about all the things I want to do to modernize the place, and especially how I want to have My office space. It will be SO nice to have the dedicated area, and more space to work that I’ve had.

If you didn’t catch this on My twitter, Princess Meggerz is planning to come here (Maine) next month, and We have LOTS that We want to do while She is here. There’s already a growing list of loser dip-shits that want to get in on some real-time abuse and wallet raping action, and then of course We have videos planned that will just melt your brain from the over-load of awesome. We’re thinking that NYC or Boston (or both?!?) will be the hot spot(s) to hit up while She is up this way. Get in touch if you and your wallet can withstand Our abuse ;)

In My opinion, it’s never too early to plan for some things, and Electric Zoo is one of those things. I have no idea what I want to do yet, as far as tickets, the quantity, and where to stay goes, but I want to get things figured out well enough in advance so that you bitches can PAY for it all! Duh! Last year cuckie was the lucky loser who paid for basically all of it, and I’m sure he’ll be $ending towards this too, but the rest of you sillies need to crack open the wallets too. Tickets just went on sale this past week, and I don’t want to miss out on getting what I want while it’s a reasonable price, and there are still tickets available. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN, BITCHES!

Andddd finally, a couple ‘special’ offers:
  1. Spend $100+ on THIS WISH LIST and earn a custom video! I will either wear the item(s) purchased, or will record/send prior to receiving item(s).
  2. Use code 20PERCENTOFF in My Kinkbomb store, now through the end of April, on orders totaling $20+ to receive the 20% discount!

That's all for now, fuckers.


19th-Apr-2011 01:43 am (UTC) - ahhhhhhhhhhh
you know how i all ready feel about you!
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